St. Mary Magdalene by Adriana Kulczycky

Welcome to The Magdalene

The Magdalene is a massage therapy practice that offers Western- and Eastern-style bodywork, energy work, customized yoga practices and meditation. The Magdalene’s mission is to be a sanctuary for manifesting divine feminine energy for the purpose of healing through therapeutic touch.

Why The Magdalene?

I devoted my practice to Mary Magdalene because I was looking for a strong female role model to guide me in my spiritual quest. As an independent woman of means who bravely followed and served her teacher with unflinching devotion, Mary Magdalene seemed to me a relevant and astonishingly contemporary example of feminine spirituality.

She was unafraid to speak Truth to power.

Growing up, I was taught that Mary Magdalene was a repentant whore, a libelous claim made by Pope Gregory in the sixth century that has tainted her name ever since, even though the church has acknowledged that the allegation is baseless and untrue. This injustice made me want to speak the truth about Mary Magdalene and her role as a spiritual leader, teacher and healer.

In her lifetime, the Magdalene was referred to as “the woman who understood all things.” She has come to symbolize the lost sacred feminine, and, as biblical scholar Margaret Starbird describes, she “is deeply involved in healing… and is intimately connected with the health and well being of the physical body.”

What’s Special About This Practice?

The Magdalene takes a clinical but caring approach based on the therapist’s knowledge of Eastern and Western health systems. Guests will be asked to fill out a questionnaire that will provide the therapist with information useful to treatment from the viewpoint of Ayurveda, an ancient, holistic health system from India, and Western allopathic medicine. There is also a spiritual component to treatment. Every massage begins and ends with an intention for your well-being. And, depending on your interest, you will be counseled in Ayurvedic lifestyle practices, yoga postures suited to your unique constitution, mantras and other meditiative practices which can become part of your daily ritual at home.

A middle eastern woman of means

The Magdalene uses organic oils and scents and incorporates all natural ingredients and organic herbs in its Ayurvedic treatments, which restore balance to your individual dosha (vata, pitta, kapha), leaving you feeling deeply rejuvenated and glowing from within.